Getting Ready for the Year

Hi everyone. This I hope Is the first of many blogs. We have been working hard making jigs. Just so everyone knows we will also be making football and flipping jigs soon. We started with flipping jigs but eventually changed to the swim jigs. We also now have painted heads with our skirts and they look great. Everything we use to produce our jigs except for the hook is made in the USA. Almost all in Illinois. That includes the weed guards. I have about 28 years of tournament experience and we've always made our own jigs to fish with and continually improving them one way or another. If there's something you would like to see us make please let me know and Ill do my best to give it a try. In the next month or so we will have a fully wrapped Skeeter with the Star Jigs logo and traveling to most of the major tournaments across the Country. Stop by if you see me and let me show you what we have. Good luck fishing and see you soon !!!